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Perhaps not everyone is keen to go to the gym (although I suggest that having a healthy lifestyle, nowadays is imperative). Some people like me are more keen to sit tight in a couch in front of the fireplace, and enter the world of a well-written book. 

Lately, while I had time to spend some time away from academic books, I was reading Umberto Eco's 'The Name of the Rose' and I might say that I missed these few minutes of casual reading. During this time, I felt more calmer and rather than binging Netflix, choosing to read such a complex story made me feel inspired for more reading.

And while reading is obviously entertaining for people like me, it's also a way of exercising. Exercising our brain is as important as exercising to keep our fitness levels high, or perhaps training to have the best shape for summer.

Reading has many benefits for our mental health in the form of thinking and understanding. When focusing on the words and get deeper into the storyline, our brain and cognitive processes starts to get stimulated. By causing you to focus intensely on the words, your brain takes in a significant amount of information, which can improve both your critical thinking and analyzation skills as well. This stimulation is healthy for your mind and the sharpening your thought processes. 

Consider what happens when you work a muscle every day. That muscle grows and becomes much stronger than before. Reading works much the same way for your mind. The constant stimulation of the brain that a book provides is similar to the exercise required to work a muscle; it strengthens the separate parts of the brain that control your thinking and analysing skills.

So don't feel guilty if you prefer to stay at home reading while your friend urges you to join them at the gym. At best, you can adopt both lifestyles.

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