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How many times have we heard of the 3Rs? Yet with all the new regulations from EU governance and other global bodies putting pressure on whole brands and communities to minimize plastic use, the notion of the 3Rs seems to have lost its touch.

Indeed, recycling of waste has become once again top of the consumer agenda, especially when it comes putting words into action. People are now looking to recycle more effectively. 69% of all Europeans say that they are recycling more waste. Studies show that 78% of the UK, 74% of Italy and 74% of Turkey respondents agree that at present they are generally recycling more waste.

Interestingly, while younger generations are effectively seeking more environmental-friendly packaging, studies show that recycling is clearly an important factor for older generations, with 79% of people over 60s recycling more waste compared to 62% of younger generations from 19 to 29-year-old.

The fight in favour of recycling more waste increases but not only. Consumers are now also seeking environmental-friendly packaging with 52% of all Europeans saying they are seeking out-products in environmentally-friendly packaging. This number is forecasted to continue to increase, with brands and companies motivated and determined to change their packaging demands to more sustainable ones.

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Visit by Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri 26-02-21

The minister explained that the investment that includes the construction site and new state-of-the-range machinery is a mirror for the future in such a manner that that company does not only see the expansion aspect, because the current building has r

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