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Carton packaging is used daily and remains relevant to modern living hence, it must remain versatile and ready to respond to changing demands.

One myth about carton packaging is that it is old-fashioned and still uses old-fashioned technology but the true reality is that carton packaging is constantly evolving and innovating. Carton productions are being constantly computerized, automated, highly efficient, modernizing and clean.

During carton production, cutting edge technology is used. Moreover, carton designs are leading the way in brand promotion and innovation, especially witch packaging related to premium and luxury brands. Therefore, cartons’ capability to innovate continuously makes them an ideal sustainable choice for present and future needs.

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Visit by Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri 26-02-21

The minister explained that the investment that includes the construction site and new state-of-the-range machinery is a mirror for the future in such a manner that that company does not only see the expansion aspect, because the current building has r

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Malta: +27 31 767 5580


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