The debossing process provides an imprinted 3D effect that is embedded in the material, creating an aesthetic of prestige resultant of the added texture and dimension that the technique contributes to the design.

Debossing works by firstly creating a logo into a templated metal die. The metal die is cut accordingly to the artwork or logo. The debossing process starts by fixing the chosen material between the two corresponding dies, following this a heated press is used to squash the die imprint into the material, finally bringing about a depressed lasting image, design or logo into the material and product.

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Visit by Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri 26-02-21

The minister explained that the investment that includes the construction site and new state-of-the-range machinery is a mirror for the future in such a manner that that company does not only see the expansion aspect, because the current building has r

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Malta: +27 31 767 5580


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