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One of the components of anti-counterfeiting is for sure the process of identifying every individual product, which passes under the concept of serialisation.

The integrity of tamper prevention system ensures that the product has not been opened or altered after its release from the production facilities, thus ensuring the integrity of the contained drug.

Each product is subject to the obligatory integrated security features which include unique identifier codes such as 2D/GS1 or QR/DM, which are codes needed for track and trace.

Such a solution can integrate to government portals to both provide serial number needed and perform reporting for compliance.

Innovative hardware and software of the highest technical standards, help users comply with regulations and reach their goals.

Solutions having Installation, Operational and Performance Qualifications, essential to quality assurance through equipment validation while offering an extensive list of tailor-made features that can easily and rapidly be implemented.


Malta: +27 31 767 5580


Malta: +27 31 767 5580


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