Gutenberg is a forward thinking and progressive company, recognising that the packaging business will be an important aspect of our trade as we expand.

Our targets and objectives are very clear. The successful formulae which has been used in our Book and Commercial Printing Divisions will now be applied to the Packaging Division. During the last six months we invested €1.5 million in preparation for this move. We are also investing significantly in our staff to be able to assist our clients in the best possible manner. Gutenberg Press is renowned for the continuous investment in quality and an exceptional level of service to its clients. We are determined to continue building on this reputation.
We sincerely believe that with this new set-up we will be able to meet fully and efficiently the carton packaging requirements of our prospective and existing clients in the packaging field, but also our commercial and Book publishing clients who have a need in this area.
What can we offer ?

We offer a complete solution to your packaging requirements, from structural design and pack consultation, all pre-press needs complimented with high quality print and packaging on a range of substrates.  

Our Equipment


All of our packaging print is produced on a fully equipped Heidelberg XL 105 based in our main print hall. This is a 7 unit press which can print 6 colour + sealer in one pass.

Apart from the four Heidelberg presses, Gutenberg Press has a Heidelberg XL105- 6 XL which is specially used for printed packaging. This machine can deliver up to six colour print plus coating in one pass. In order to ensure consistency and high quality printing all our presses are equipped with CIP 3 and Image Control.


Although Gutenberg Packaging  department is still in its early stages, with its highly skilled staff and machinery it is well equipped to produce high quality and innovative packaging to suit your needs. Our wide variety of machines include die-cutting & creasing machines, folder gluers, a window patching machine and a board to board laminator, which is normally used to laminate printed board with corrugated board.

We recognise the importance of your product and can enhance its appeal with a variety of additional finishes:  

Hot-foil stamping, embossing, UV varnish, UV Braille Varnish and range of different types of plastic lamination.


All carton boards including ‘N’ Flute and laminated ‘E’ Flute materials

Range of Packaging produced at Gutenberg

•    Unglued cartons and blanks : Die-cut and creased to any profile and size and delivered flat enabling fast and efficient packaging on production lines.

•    Glued Sleeves:  Produced to your specification encapsulating a wide range of products including tapered food trays , chocolate trays etc.

•    Reverse and parallel tuck in cartons : Well suited to a wide variety of markets including cosmetic, toiletries and confectionery.

•    Display cartons : Usually consisting of additional material extensions to incorporate Euro Hanging slots for display purposes

•    Crash lock and 4 corner glued cartons / trays : For efficient construction of multi product and display outers  / lids and bases .


Your Tools


Packaging Tailored to Your Unique Vision

Unfold Limitless Possibilities with our exquisite folding carton packaging solutions! 

Malta: +27 31 767 5580


Malta: +27 31 767 5580


Prepress Printing Postpress Packaging

From concept to shipping, we take care of it all!

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